What Is Your Opinion About Homework?

They also say that homework gives parents the opportunity to monitor their child’s learning and see how they are progressing academically.

What do students think about homework?

Studies have also shown that too much homework can be very unhealthy, making students feel stressed and burnt out. In fact, more than 56% of students say that homework is a major reason they stress about school.

Why is homework good for students?

Homework teaches students how to problem solve. Homework gives student another opportunity to review class material. Homework gives parents a chance to see what is being learned in school. Homework teaches students the importance of planning, staying organized, and taking action.

What is homework essay?

Homework teaches me to work independently, encourages self-discipline, responsibility and a love of learning. Homework can also bring my parents and teachers closer together as my parents learn more about my education and my school. Homework teaches me to manage my time and to do things on time.

What’s the purpose of homework?

The most common purpose of homework is to have students practice material already presented in class so as to reinforce learning and facilitate mastery of specific skills. Preparation assignments introduce the material that will be presented in future lessons.

Is homework should be banned?

Homework takes away from their revision time, and this can affect their test scores. Over time the school could become less and less popular, and to prevent it all starts with simple matter of banning homework. Secondly, homework should be banned from schools because students are made to do it when they are tired.

How can I make homework fun?

5 Ways to Make Homework Fun for Kids

1. Magical Motivators. Use incentives to get your children to do their homework without a fight.
2. Write it for Them. No, that doesn’t mean do it for them.
3. Learning Apps. Homework can be frustrating if your child doesn’t understand the material.
4. Get a Homework Buddy. Turn homework into a play date.
5. Don’t Take it Too Serious.

How did Patrick Help the elf?

Patrick helped the little elf by looking up for words in dictionary and sounding out each letter. When it came to Maths, the little elf said that he never need that. Patrick sat beside him and guided him. He also started going to library and bring more books.

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