Larry Weltman – How I Motivate Myself to Go to the Gym Even During a Blizzard

Most of us have been there before – all day we’ve been mentally committed to going to the gym. We’ve set aside time for going, even marked it on our daily planner. But, when the hour comes to actually get dressed and go, no matter how strong and genuine our intentions were, we flake. The excuses for doing so are as numerous as the amount of times we’ve experienced these disappointing situations: we were too tired to workout; work ran over; the gym was going be too crowded anyway; it’s snowing outside and it’s too troublesome to drive to the gym. But, here’s the point – regardless of the excuse used, in order to stay fit and healthy, exercise on a regular basis is necessary. There’s no magical potion and there’s no shortcut to get around this simple fact.

So, the question is – in your lowest of low moments, when you’re in the trenches of your most uninspired moods, how do you get the inspiration to pick up the car keys, drive to the gym and have a worthwhile workout? Well, through my years of balancing a busy schedule with staying fit, I’ve developed a couple key pointers that I’d like to share that hopefully will help you overcome these inevitable moments of low motivation.

Always have a goal in mind when it comes to your exercise routine.

What kind of goal, you ask? Well, really, it could be any goal. For example, it could be that you would like to lose ten pounds at the end of four months; or that you would like to be able to lift 50 more pounds by the end of the year. The point is that, when it comes to your workout routine, having a goal will go a long way to increasing your incentive to continue with your exercising. Without a goal, you’re less focused, which means you can succumb to those moments of no inspiration much easier.

Have a workout partner who is as equally as committed to staying in shape as you are.

Many of us know firsthand how helpful having a workout partner can be to maintaining and even increasing our motivation to exercise. But, by the same token, many of us have also experienced the frustration of having a workout partner who flakes and who is just not very committed to exercising. Therefore, yes, try to find a workout partner who you can go to the gym with; but, more importantly, when you do find this partner, make sure that he or she is just as committed as you are to going to exercising on a regular basis.

Give yourself a pat on the back every so often for maintaining a regular workout routine.

A major part of maintaining your motivation to exercise is realizing the progress you’ve made in your routine. If you’ve made steady progress – if you’ve lost several pounds, if you’re now able to do ten pull-ups as opposed to five, whatever the progress may be – then give yourself a small reward. Have your favorite shake after your workout or have a small ice cream afterward. True, there is no gain without pain. But, rewarding yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in is also very important.

Last but not least, hire a personal trainer to help motivate you.

If all else fails or if you’re finding it far too difficult to maintain a regular and committed exercise routine, turn to a personal trainer to help motivate you. Yes, they can be expensive; but, here’s the thing – not only will they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your workout routine, they will also inspire you to workout more often. That’s what they are paid to do and, as long as you hire the right trainer who’s a good fit for you, that’s what they should be successful in doing.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and for general information. The author rakes no responsibility for any damages of any kind incurred or suffered as a result of the use or reliance on his views expressed in this article. Readers should consult with a professional fitness trainer and medical adviser before starting or changing any fitness program.