Larry WeltmanLarry Weltman serves as a Customer Service Representative at AccessEasyFunds Limited, also known as AEF.  AccessEasyFunds is a firm based in Ontario, Canada that offers commission advances at competitive rates to real estate agents and brokers across Canada.

AccessEasyFunds was founded with a fundamental goal of serving real estate agents and others in the real estate market who often have to wait lengthy periods of time before receiving their earned commissions.  AccessEasyFunds seeks to make these waiting periods  less stressful for agents and brokers by providing commission advance services at affordable rates.

Larry Weltman began his career as a trained accountant.  However, he has been with AccessEasyFunds since the company’s founding and was an active participant in AccessEasyFunds development and original business model.

Besides enjoying the opportunity to offer commission services to real estate agents and brokers, Larry Weltman also takes pride in providing the highest quality of client service in the industry.  Larry is highly involved in servicing ActiveEasyFunds clients and places particular importance in delivering same day customer service to the company’s cusomers.

In addition to serving as a Customer Service Representative at AccessEasyFunds, Larry Weltman also founded  Weltman Consulting, a business that provides a broad range of consulting solutions to Canadian real estate agents and brokers.  For more information about Weltman Consulting, please visit this page.

Outside of his profession, Larry enjoys keeping in good physical shape and spending time with his family.  In the past, he has completed road races and triathlons, and as a highlight of his athletic achievement, competed in the Ironman Canada competition in 1992.  He is also a passionate follower of European soccer and enjoys cheering on his favorite Liverpool FC team.