How Old Was Sidney Poitier In The Movie No Way Out?

When you are really confronted, it’s critical to remain hydrated. Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol or any street drugs or heavy meds ( unless you absolutely must take these) because you need to think clearly. My mom told me as a kid “be unsinkable.

What does the easy way out mean?

If you say that someone takes the easy way out, you disapprove of them because they do what is easiest for them in a difficult situation, rather than dealing with it properly. [disapproval] As soon as things got difficult he took the easy way out.

What does way off mean?

Adjective. way off (not comparable) remote; far; distant (in space) remote; far in the future. very wrong, not even close quotations ▼

Is still a ways off?

It can mean distant in time or distant in location. “Standing a ways off” is a common phrase in AE, for example, to mean that the person was standing a short distance away, close enough to see but far enough away to make conversation difficult or impossible.

What does waved off mean?

: to move one’s hand as a way of telling someone that one does not want help We offered to help but he waved us off.

What does deep end mean?

informal. -used in phrases such as throw in (at) the deep end and jump in (at) the deep end to describe starting a new and difficult activity when one is not fully prepared or ready to do it After graduating, he was not afraid to jump in at the deep end and start his new business alone.

What’s the meaning of cooped up?

: to keep (a person or animal) inside a building or in a small space especially for a long period of time -usually used as (be) cooped up The children were cranky after being cooped up in the house all day.

What causes people to go off the deep end?

People go off the deep end because they can swim well. Like the complexities of adult life and the issues of intense passions, the deep water is more interesting and makes the whole trip to the lake worth it, as long as you can swim.

What does it mean to fall into the deep end?

(also throw sb in at the deep end) C2. If you jump or are thrown in at the deep end, you start doing something new and difficult without help or preparation.

What does deep end of the pool mean?

Filters. The part of a swimming pool with relatively deep water.

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