How Many Honda Runes Are There?

The best guess is around 3,300 +/-.

How much is a Honda Rune worth?

All that said, the Rune is a fascinating tribute to custom bike culture that came with the backing of a reliable manufacturer like Honda. As of this writing, a solid Rune runs between $15,000 and $18,000 on average.

How much is a 2004 Honda Rune worth?


What is a Honda Rune?

It was rumoured it cost Honda $100,000 each to make each bike and they were built as a hero model to attract American buyers away from Harley-Davidson to the Japanese brand. The Rune is basically a stripped down Goldwing, but with some unique styling features including trailing-link forks.

Is a Honda Fury a good bike?

In addition to this, Honda Fury is a bike that is reliable and has everything you would expect from a brand like Honda. To conclude, the Honda Fury is perhaps the most reliable and affordable chopper. For many, it’s a great pro to go and sit on a Honda Fury and give it a try.

What’s the difference between a Honda Fury and a Honda Sabre?

The differences are in the details. The Sabre is essentially a Fury with a drag bar and a 170mm-wide rear tire instead of a 200. The Stateline substitutes a 17-inch front wheel for the Fury’s 21-inch pizza-cutter. And the Interstate adds a windshield, saddlebags and floorboards.

How much does a Honda Interstate weigh?

Honda Interstate and V Star 1300 Tourer Comparison

How much does a Honda Stateline weigh?

2019 Honda Stateline specifications, pictures, reviews and rating

What size is a Honda Stateline?

size 336 mm (13.2 inches) at the front and Single disc. Single-piston caliper.

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