Weltman Consulting is a real estate consulting firm founded by Larry Weltman, an executive with broad experience in the Canadian real estate market.

Larry Weltman saw the need for providing comprehensive consulting solutions to today’s real estate agents and brokers as a result of major transitions happening in the real estate market.  First, many more real estate agents in today’s market serve as independent realtors who take on the burden of running a real estate business themselves.  At the same time, real estate brokerages have in recent years faced higher business costs, in part as a result of compliance requirements.

Weltman Consulting seeks to provide knowledge and experienced-based solutions to today’s realtors and real estate brokerages to assure they are running as successful of a real estate business as possible.

Weltman Consulting’s broad range of services to realtors includes consulting the drafting of business plans, offering market strategy guidance, and assisting in cash flow projections.

Weltman Consulting’s services offered to brokerages include assisting and providing guidance on real estate agent retention, managing agent receivables, and providing administration optimization strategies.

For more information on how Weltman Consulting can help your business, feel free to visit Weltman Consulting’s website here: Weltman Consulting.