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A boom in ‘B’ lending in Toronto’s mortgage market

There’s something about even the term of a ‘B’ mortgage lender that can elicit mild concern, which is natural, but knee-jerk: After all, ‘B’ comes after ‘A,’ so doesn’t it imply something second rate? The truth is, mainstream lenders like the chartered banks aren’t for everyone. Their tight parameters can mean they’re less-than- perfect for […]

Larry Weltman, Balancing Cardio and Strength Training

You want to be fit, to have endurance and speed.  But you want to gain muscle as well.  Can you do both?  Yes, you can.  Even though the experts don’t all agree on this idea of balance, I, Larry Weltman, believe it can be achieved. You might think that strength training and cardio workouts are […]

Larry Weltman: Shake Up Your Weight Training

I, Larry Weltmanwill be the first to admit that it’s boring doing the same thing over and over. So when it’s something as important as working out, We need to find ways to mix it up. Don’t become a creature of habit! Not only will mixing up your weight training get you out of the […]